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Collection Development Policy

Table of Contents

Re-Adopted September 24, 2012


  1. Introduction
  2. ALA Statements on Access
  3. The Selection Process
  4. Collection Evaluation
  5. Audio-Visual Materials
  6. Fiction
  1. Nonfiction
  2. Reference
  3. Adult Miscellaneous
  4. Children's Easy/Jr. Nonfiction
  5. Children's Fiction
  6. Children's Miscellaneous
  1. Young Adult Fiction
  2. Young Adult Nonfiction
  3. Young Adult Miscellaneous
  4. Wright Branch Library
  5. Appendices



I. Introduction

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II. ALA Statements on Access


III. The Selection Process

IV. Collection Evaluation and Assessment - Revised August 2012

V. Audio-Visual Materials


VI. Fiction

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VII. Nonfiction


VIII. Reference

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IX. Adult Miscellaneous


X. Children’s Easy/Jr. Nonfiction

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XI. Children’s Fiction


XII. Children’s Miscellaneous

  XIII. Young Adult Fiction - Revised August 2012

XIV. Young Adult Nonfiction

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XV. Young Adult Miscellaneous


XVI. Wright Branch Library

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XVII. Appendices


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